Wall Planer Machine

Wall Planer Machine

220V Electric wall machine shovel rough planing machine wall putty rough polishing machine rough wall Old Wall refurbished machines

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Product Details

wall planer machine

wall planer machine

  • Power Source:Electricity  
  • Rated Voltage:220V  
  • Frequency:50Hz  
  • Dimensions:47x22x36cm
  • Weight:6.8kg 

Wall planer machine is a kind of environmental protection decoration tool to replace the traditional manual eradication of the old wall,mainly in the following six major characteristics.


1.Work efficiency   Wall planer machine through the power system makes a group of alloy blade raprid rolling to shovel wall ,with 10-20 times  higher efficiency than artificial shovel wall.

2.Protect health Wall planer machine is equipped with automatic dust discharge channel ,so that dust fall freely ,to protect the environment ,protect the health of workers ,with epoch-making significance.

3.Convenient operation Two handle installation achieves stable operation.Rolling up of blades offsets the machine weight.The actual weight to operator is very small.

4.Smooth surface  High consistence of each planer blade ensures wall smooth.

5.Extensive application Product is suitable for all kinds of internal and external work, such as old wallpaper paint ,putty ,white cement and other surface shovel.

6.Easy to carry Product has the advantages of small volume,light weight ,easy portability.

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