Automatic Building Construction Tools

Automatic Building Construction Tools

Rebar tying machines are battery operated tools that are placed at the intersection of rebar rods,it has speeded up the process of tying rebars and improved the quality of the knots.

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automatic building construction tools

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1. It can be worked for about 6 hours once it was fully charged. Because the battery capacity has 4400 mAh, it will support more working time.

2. 0.8s tying rebar time, you just need to put the machine head to the rebat you want tie, and press the button, quickly it's tied, only needs 0.8s.

3. Easy opearation. Just need two steps, on the switch, then press the opeartion button, machine will work. And no staff training.

4. High effeciency. Improve working effeciency than manual tying, it's automatic and fast.

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