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Working Principle Of Spraying Machine
- Jan 17, 2018 -

Spraying machine, is the use of spraying technology dedicated coating equipment, the principle is to control the airflow to promote the instantaneous valve reversing device, so that the piston of the pneumatic motor for stable continuous reciprocating movement.

Spraying machine to the suction of the coating pressure, the high-pressure hose will be transported to the spraying machine spray gun, from the spray gun will spray the paint instantly released to the surface of the coated object. Spraying machine is mainly composed of feeding device, spray gun and atomization source. Applicable to leather handbags, gift packaging, furniture, footwear, automotive manufacturing and other industries.

The main work part of spraying machine is a double acting pneumatic hydraulic pressure booster pump, and the reversing mechanism is a special form of pilot-type Total gas-controlled gas-valve reversing device. After entering the compressed air, the piston moves to the upper or lower part of the cylinder, so that the upper pilot valve or the lower pilot valve action, control the airflow to push the reversing device, and then the piston of the pneumatic motor as a stable continuous reciprocating movement. The piston has a rigid connection with the plunger in the paint plunger pump and the area of the piston is larger than that of the plunger. Thus the inhaled coating is pressurized. The pressurized coating, the high-pressure hose is transported to the airless spray gun, finally in the gas-free nozzle to release the hydraulic, instantaneous atomization after spraying to the surface of the coating, forming coating layer.

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