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The Operation Method Of Laser Level Instrument
- Jan 17, 2018 -

Laser leveling is a leveling instrument that uses laser beams instead of artificial readings. The laser beam emitted by the laser is imported into the telescope tube, and the horizontal laser beam is emitted along the direction of the collimation axis.

By using the monochrome and coherence of the laser, a glass piece or a metal piece with a certain shading pattern can be assembled in front of the telescope lens, i.e. the wave band plate, so that the diffraction interference is generated. Through the focus of the telescope, a bright and fine cross or round laser spot is obtained in the focusing range of the wave band plate, thus the target is more precisely awarded. If the front and rear level ruler is equipped with the photoelectric receiving target which can automatically follow, the leveling can be measured. In the construction survey and large component assembly, the common laser leveling apparatus is used to establish horizontal or horizontal lines.

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