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The Brushless Electric Power Sprayer
- Sep 19, 2018 -
Power Requirement110-127V/220-240 1phase
Maximum Working Pressure psi3335psi (230bar ,23MPa
Motor HP(W)1.75HP(1300W) Brushless DC
Maximum Delivery gpm (lpm)0.61gpm (2.3lpm
Maximum Tip Size0.021in
Fluid Outlet1/4 in
Machine Weight15.5kgs
Qty 20"/40"/40"H260/530/620pcs

Electric Power Sprayer

Suitable for many kinds of low medium to high viscosity paint,colorant,varnish,

lacker,lacquers,latex,stains,enamels,oil-based and latex-based painting etc. 

For small to medium size area indoor/outdoor wall painting,

decoration,construction,home,building,machinery,fence,deck etc.


Brushless Motor has high reliability,good adaptability,stable performance,easy to maintenance and repair.

Besides all advantage of regular DC motor,Brushless motor also eliminates carbon brush and slip-ring structure;Realizing stepless speed regulating,wide speed range,strong overload capacity;

Small size ,light weight ,strong power;No electric spark generating,it specially suitable in public areas with good safety.

The motor adopts rare-earth permanent magnet material with its small volume ,large power and 2 times longer life expectancy than regular permanent magnet.

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