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The Advantages Of Spraying Machine
- Jan 17, 2018 -

A. Paint film quality, smooth and delicate coating, no brush marks. It will be sprayed spray spray into small particles, so that it evenly distributed on the wall surface, so that latex paint on the wall to form a smooth, smoothly, dense coating, no brush marks, roll marks, this is brush, roll and other original methods can not be compared.

B. Painting high efficiency. Single operation spraying efficiency of up to 200-500 square meters/hour, is manual brush coating 10-15 times.

C. Good adhesion, long coating life. It uses high-pressure injection, so that the atomization of the paint particles to obtain a strong kinetic energy, paint particles by this kinetic energy into the pores, so that the film more compact, so as to enhance the film and wall mechanical bite Force, improve coating adhesion, effectively extend the coating life.

D. Paint film thickness uniformity, paint utilization rate is high. Manual brush Roller Thickness is very uneven, generally 30-250 microns, paint utilization rate is low, and airless spraying is easy to obtain thickness of 30 micron coating.

E. Easy to reach corners and voids. Because the use of high-pressure airless spray, paint spray does not contain air, paint easy to reach corners, cracks and uneven brush and other parts, especially for a lot of air-conditioning fire pipes office smallpox more appropriate.

F. It can spray high viscosity paint, and hand brushes, air spraying and so on are only suitable for low viscosity paint.

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