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Technical Performance Of Rebar Tying Machine
- Jan 17, 2018 -

The steel bundle strapping is a kind of hand-held battery type steel bar quick strapping tool. It is an intelligent tool, built-in microcontroller, can automatically complete the reinforcement of all steps, can be widely used in the field of construction, in lieu of artificial strapping steel bars. The reinforcement strapping machine mainly consists of four parts, the body, the special line disk, the battery box and the charger.

The biggest characteristic of rebar strapping machine is fast and convenient. Its efficiency is 3-4 times of the artificial efficiency. Can save a lot of manpower, greatly reduce the labor intensity of workers.
1. Simple operation, single hand operation improves the safety factor of workers ' operation.
2. Strapping speed is 3-4 times the human operation, the binding time of each knot is 1 seconds, greatly reducing the labor intensity of workers.
3. Light weight, the appearance of exquisite machine weight only 2.5 kg, easy to operate.

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