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Selection Of Hand Mixer
- Jan 17, 2018 -

The design selection of stirring device is closely combined with the purpose of stirring operation. A variety of mixing process needs to be implemented by different mixing plants, in the design of the selection of the first to be based on the process of the mixing operation of the purpose and requirements to determine the agitator type, motor power, stirring speed, and then select reducer, rack, stirring shaft, shaft seals and other components.

1. In accordance with the technological conditions, mixing purposes and requirements, the selection of agitator type, the selection of agitator type should be fully mastered the dynamic characteristics of the stirrer and agitator in the stirring process of the flow of the state and the cause and effect of various stirring purposes.

2. According to the type of agitator and the flow state produced by agitator in stirring process, the control requirements of mixing time, settling speed and dispersing degree are made, and the motor power, stirring speed and agitator diameter are determined by means of experiment and computer simulation design.

3. According to the motor power, stirring speed and technological conditions, from the Reducer selection table to determine the type of reducer. If the reducer is selected according to the actual working torque, the actual working torque should be smaller than the allowable torque of the reducer.

4. According to the output shaft of the reducer and the supporting mode of the stirring shaft, choose the frame and coupling with the same model specification.

5. According to the rack stirring shaft head size, installation space and working pressure, operating temperature selection of shaft seal type.

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