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Professional Airless Paint Sprayer For Sale
- Oct 18, 2018 -

M819A Electric Airless Paint Sprayer




Suitable coating: emulsion, primer, packing, latex paint and other water-based and oily paint, etc.


Scope of application: pretending to, color tile, laughing inside and outside the building, such as small and medium-sized painting works, etc.




-Motor power:1.2 HP

-Power Requirement:220-240V/50Hz


-Max Pressure:200bar

-Spray Tip:0.019''

-High Pressure Hose Max Pressure:  ≥ 200bar

-Length of high pressure hose:15M

-Type of hydraulic oil:Anti-wear hydraulic oil ISO VG46.


-Carton size:45.5x44.5x61.5cm


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