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Precautions To Use Spraying Machines
- Jan 17, 2018 -

1. Remember to brush.
   Basically we are in the use of paint brush painting, we recommend that the direction of the best brush to take first and right after the painting, and in the construction period, paint brush dip paint can not be too much to prevent dripping. Basically, coating heavy anti-corrosion paint, paint brush distance can not pull too much lest the paint film too thin.

2. Remember to roll.
   In the process of using roller coating, the paint on the roller should be evenly distributed. And basically in the process of painting, rolling speed must be maintained, not too fast.

3. Remember high-pressure airless spraying.
   In fact, this is the fastest coating method, it also can obtain a very thick paint film. Therefore, many times, in order to be able to better meet the requirements of the film thickness, we suggest that the use of airless spraying construction methods.

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