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History About Double Ninth Festival In China.
- Oct 17, 2018 -


The Double Ninth Festival is the traditional Chinese festival for the 9th day of the lunar calendar every year. "Chongyang" is also called "Heavy Nine", because "Yi" defines "Nine" as a positive number, and on September 9th, two or nine are heavy, so "Chongyang"; nine is the largest number in the number. Therefore, it gives meaning to life, longevity, health and longevity; the ancients believed that Chongyang is an auspicious day worth celebrating. Ancient folks have the custom of ascending and praying in the Double Ninth Festival. Celebrating the Double Ninth Festival generally includes activities such as ascending, sun-baking, and enjoying the chrysanthemum. [1] Since its inception, it has added the connotation of respecting the elderly and so on. Respect for the old feast), thank you for your respect.

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