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Hand Held Electric Cement Mixer To Costa Rica
- Oct 24, 2018 -



Hand Held Electric Cement Mixer, quick disassembling connection rod design, suitable for all kinds of viscosity material mixing operation, such as paint, putty powder, feed, chemical coating emulsion, such as all kinds of liquid mixing materials mixing operation, especially suitable for solid particles or powder mixing, such as chemical additives, feed additives, powder coating mixture stirring, etc.Suitable for all kinds of professional Settings, such as farms, factories, paint shop, architectural decoration construction site especially convenient use.


1. With constant work, even if the object stirring resistance change mixer speed remains constant.

2. Electronic six-speed speed, adjust the speed without replacement grip way design, speed are set in the 0-700 revolutions per minute with you, can avoid the stirring rod at the beginning of the quick start leads to an object, splash, make the operation more smooth and safe.

3. Equipped with overload protector, when overload, the machine will automatically stop let machine is more durable.

4. Product design is novel, accord with human body engineering, double handle design, main controller and add soft plastic bags, to ensure that all manipulation convenient comfortable qi is smaller and lighter.

5. High power 1200W fine motor, gear, make the machine more strong resistance and durable.

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