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A Brief Introduction To The Laser Distance Meter
- Jan 17, 2018 -

A rangefinder is a tool for measuring length or distance, and can be used to measure angle, area and other parameters with angle-measuring devices or modules. Rangefinder form a lot, usually a long cylinder, by the objective lens, eyepiece, display device (can be built), batteries and other components.

A laser rangefinder can also emit multiple laser pulses, using the Doppler effect to determine whether an object is moving away or approaching a light source.

Rangefinder is the use of light, sound, electromagnetic wave reflection, interference and other characteristics, but designed for length, distance measurement equipment. Based on the length measurement, a new type of rangefinder can be used to calculate the area, circumference, volume, quality and other parameters of the measured target scientifically, and has a wide range of applications in engineering application, GIS investigation and military field.

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