Promotion Supermarket Laser Meter

Promotion Supermarket Laser Meter

50M promotion laser range finder This model suit for permotion. Have all standard function as Laser distance meter

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Product Details

Promotion Supermarket Laser Meter

Model number: X-50  

This model have 20M 30M 40M 50M for choose.


X is Mini design for DIY market, it have small body with Comprehensive function.

It can sell as home tools like as measure tape. and can sell with other big tools like as drywall sander, and hand mixer.

It can help people to measure wall area, volume of container, or calculate height of window or some place we can't catch.

lick as top ceiling decoration, curtain length.

Where we can use Promotion Supermarket Laser Meter?

it has been widely used in the following fields: 

electricity, water, communications, environment, construction, geology, police,

fire, blasting, navigation, railway, anti-terrorism / military, agriculture, forestry, 

real estate, leisure / outdoor sports, etc. 

Promotion Supermarket Laser MeterPromotion Supermarket Laser Meter

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