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Why do you need a brush in the sander?
- Jan 22, 2019 -

Why do you need a brush in the drywall sander?

Drywall sander L225-B 4 1080

Renovation refers to a set of construction plans and design schemes that are carried out in a certain area and scope, including hydropower construction, wall, floor, ceiling, landscape, etc. according to certain design concepts and aesthetic rules. Such as furniture placement and door orientation, room accessories and custom treatment of lamps. Different from decoration and decoration, decoration is the method of artistic processing of daily necessities or living environment. Strengthen the aesthetic effect, and improve its function, economic value and social benefits, and design with environmental protection. The perfect decoration should be closely combined with the function of the object, adapt to the production process, exert the performance of the material material, and have a good artistic effect.

The drywall sander machine can also be called "wall grinding machine", "wall sanding machine", "wall grinding machine", "putty grinding machine", "polishing machine", which are different because of the local names. In the current decoration industry, the wall surface grinding technology has been stuck in the traditional manual operation. The decoration workers wear sandpaper or a simple wall grinding machine to polish the wall surface, which is not only inefficient, but also the fatigue and dust of long-term operation seriously damage personal health, such as Dust with a particle diameter of 0.5 mm can be directly deposited in the lungs through the respiratory tract, making it easy for people to get lung cancer.

Our drywall sander is a wall-cleaning machine for facilitating post-cleaning, comprising a base, a universal wheel is arranged at four corners of the lower end of the base, and a pillar is arranged symmetrically on the upper side of the base, and a lifting groove is arranged on the inner side of the pillar. a first motor is disposed at an upper end of the pillar, and a first threaded rod is disposed at an output end of the first motor, a lower end of the first threaded rod is connected to a lower end of the lifting slot, and a lifting seat is disposed on the first threaded rod. A mounting seat is arranged between the two lifting bases, a grinding device is mounted on the mounting seat, a second motor is embedded in the lower part of the base, and a cleaning disk is arranged at the lower end of the output shaft of the second motor, and the inside of the base is opened. There is a dust suction chamber, a dust filter net is disposed inside the dust suction chamber, and an exhaust pipe is disposed at a left end of the dust suction chamber, and a fan is disposed on the exhaust pipe, and a suction right side of the dust suction chamber is provided with a suction a dust pipe, a dust suction cover is disposed at a lower end of the dust suction pipe, a driving cavity is disposed above the dust suction chamber, and a second threaded rod is disposed on a right side of each dust filter net, and an upper end of the second threaded rod is disposed Set in the drive cavity a third motor is disposed above the driving cavity, the output end of the third motor is connected to one of the second threaded rods, and the second threaded rod connected to the third motor is provided with a driving wheel, and the other second threaded rod A driven wheel is disposed on the belt, and the driving wheel and the driven wheel are connected by a belt, and the second threaded rod is provided with a cleaning handle.

The structural arrangement of the first threaded rod and the lifting seat of the left and right symmetry makes the structure stability of the device high, reduces the influence of vibration generated during work, ensures the effect of sanding, and has the advantages of simple structure, low cost and convenient maintenance. The setting of the vacuum chamber can absorb the dust generated during work, reduce the pollution of dust and reduce the harm to the worker's body. The setting of the cleaning disk can reduce the dust from diffusing into the air, so that the device can not only absorb the dust generated by the work. To the mobile phone bag, which reduces the difficulty of cleaning in the later stage. The structure of the second threaded rod and the cleaning brush can drive the second threaded rod after a period of use, so that the cleaning moves up and down, cleans the dust on the dust filter net, and prevents dust. The filter is clogged and the life of the device is extended.

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