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What we must do before make our house into home?
- Jan 09, 2019 -

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What we must do before make our house into home?

1. Understand the house plan of the house

Have a basic understanding of the house type, master the space division, including the orientation, especially the lighting problem of the house, the impact on the future life.

2. Prepare the necessary tools

Before the renovation, personally measure the use area of the house, which can effectively help you make a good budget. It is recommended that you put the invoice and receipt together to know clearly which money should be spent and which money should not be spent.

3, determine the decoration style

Common decoration styles are: simple, Chinese, modern, etc. It is worth mentioning that: to consider the actual situation and the future cleaning work, the best is the best.

4, visit the decoration building materials market, understand the market

The owners are signing contracts and looking at building materials, so the risk is even greater. It is recommended that the owner first understand the market conditions, choose building materials and furniture according to their favorite style, first, make a basis for the budget, and second, compare the quotation of the decoration company.

5, looking for a suitable decoration company

It is recommended to choose a reputable decoration company with quality and after-sales guarantee. It is necessary to comprehensively compare the design level and quotation of the company.

6. Negotiation and measurement before design

Before designing, you should listen to the designer's advice and stick to your own ideas. Only you can know what you like.

7. Communicate the ideas of both parties on the progress of the construction period

The construction period is very critical. Because the two parties have to communicate well in advance, including the time of purchase of materials. Not only let yourself be prepared, but also give the decoration company a psychological hint to avoid delays in the construction period.

8. Budget and quotation

Before the renovation, understand the price of the main material, such as: tiles, floors, cabinets, etc., which will affect your budget, from which you can see the decoration company's tricks.

9, signed a decoration design contract

Don't worry about signing a contract, you should consider it clearly. Before signing the contract, the price, duration, and quality can be confirmed before signing. If you have any comments, you should submit them in time.

10, understand the decoration construction process

There are many processes involved in the decoration. The owner needs to know the construction process and level in advance to facilitate the cost control.

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