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The Type Characteristics Of Laser-level Instrument
- Jan 17, 2018 -

A laser leveling is a leveling instrument that emits a laser beam from a laser device into a telescope tube of a level, which is emitted along the direction of the visual axis. The laser level has a specialized laser level and a laser device attached to the level of two types, and with the photoelectric receiver target of the standard ruler, can be measured. Compared with the optical leveling, the laser leveling has the characteristics of high precision, long line of sight and automatic reading and recording.

Laser leveling is a leveling instrument that uses laser beams instead of artificial readings.

The laser level instrument is an intelligent display device. The laser level instrument can be mounted on the moving object, collect the ground level signal, display the horizon in the larger field of view, and display the motion posture of the object in real time. The laser level instrument is very important to prevent the space directional obstacle when applied to the airplane. In addition, in medical testing, the use of manual signals to adjust the position of the laser scanning line, the human brain can be some pathological detection.

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