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The level instrument is a kind of measurement with small angle
- Jan 17, 2018 -

The level meter is a kind of measuring tool which is used to measure small angle. In the machinery industry and instrumentation manufacturing, used to measure the relative to the horizontal position of the tilt angle, machine tools such as rail flatness and straightness, equipment installation of the horizontal position and vertical position.

The level meter is mainly used to check the straightness of various machine tools and other types of equipment and the horizontal position of equipment installation, vertical position. It can also be applied to small angle measurements and working faces with V-grooves, as well as to measure the installation parallelism of cylindrical workpieces and the horizontal and vertical position of the installation. The level instrument is the mechanical equipment installment measurement level and the verticality essential precision measuring tool.

The use of the level should be checked first, the level will be placed on the plate, reading the scale of the bubble, and then the level of reversal in the same position, and then read the scale, if the readings are the same, that is, the level of the base and bubble tube between the relationship is correct. Otherwise, adjustment screws should be adjusted until the readings are exactly the same to make the measurement work. If you want to check the accuracy of the level, you can use the sine rod and the gauge block of known angle size. At the same time, to measure a large tilt angle can also be used with the level of the sine pole.

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