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The function of the laser distance meter in the golf field
- Jan 17, 2018 -

The use of a rangefinder on a golf course makes it easier for the person practicing the ball to understand the distance each time they play. Often playing golf people know, usually in a relatively short range of practice, the ball will be stopped by the net, players can not judge the actual placement of the ball. In the long Fairway practice field, the ball is more than 150 yards, players can not judge the actual distance of the ball. If has the length to reach 300 yards above the practice field, then often has the member 1th Wood to open to 250 yards above. To this end, the service nature of the club can help members better judge the ball landing point and the distance, to understand their own game stability and improve the situation.

The rangefinder uses the laser principle, by transmitting and receiving one by one correspondence, it can accurately calculate the golf placement, collect the information of the initial movement state of the golf ball, then compute the collected information by calculating the processing equipment, and then launch the result, thus calculating the distance from the flying point to the hit position. Finally, the display part receives the calculation processing information and displays it in a certain order. Players can watch their batting distance through the display screen, and then understand their own game stability and upgrade status.

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