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The description about airless paint spreayer No.4 Feature and Precautions
- Sep 04, 2018 -

Airless paint sprayer main feature:

1. High construction efficiency - Mechanized construction without air spray, the efficiency is about 10 times that of traditional manual roller brush.

2. The wall coating is even and smooth, and the texture is good. The coating is atomized into fine particles under high pressure, evenly distributed on the surface of the wall, forming a smooth, smooth and dense coating on the wall surface, and obtaining the traditional brushing and the like. The method has no high quality wall coating quality;

3, the coating adhesion is strong, prolong the life of the coating - the coating particles penetrate into the wall under the action of high pressure, enhance the mechanical bite force of the coating particles and the wall, the coating is more dense, and the coating life is longer.

4, high utilization of paint - relative to brushing and roller coating, airless spraying does not need to dip in the construction of the site, will not lead to the phenomenon of dripping, avoiding waste of paint; and the difference with the traditional air spray is, no Air spray is an atomized paint rather than atomized air, so it will not cause the paint to fly around and pollute the environment and cause waste. In the process of using the spraying machine, more than 90% of the faults encountered by the user are caused by incomplete cleaning, improper maintenance or normal wear and tear of the parts after the use. Therefore, the correct use and maintenance training of the equipment is very important. Users must carefully read the random English manual and Chinese translation materials.


What should you pay attention to during the painting process? Different types of paints have different intervals. Hardware Business Network reminds everyone that during construction, it must be constructed according to each paint, brushing, rolling, high-pressure airless spraying, etc. Let me introduce you in detail. !

The first thing to remember is to brush

Basically, when we use the paint brush to paint, the hardware business network recommends that you brush the direction of the best, but take the upper and lower and the left and right to paint, and during the construction, the paint brush paint can not be too much to prevent dripping . Basically, when applying heavy anti-corrosion coatings, the paint brush distance cannot be pulled too much to prevent the paint film from being too thin.

Second, remember to roll

Basically, during the process of using its roller coating, the paint on the drum should be evenly distributed. And basically in the process of painting, its rolling speed must be kept constant, not too fast.

The third thing to remember is high pressure airless spraying.

In fact, this is the fastest coating method, and according to the hardware business network experts, it can also get a very thick paint film. Therefore, in many cases, in order to better achieve the specified film thickness, it is recommended that you use the airless spray construction method.

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