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Simple Electrical tile cutter how to work
- Oct 27, 2018 -

Simple Electrical tile cutter how to work

Multi-functional ceramic tile cutting machine working principle, multi-functional ceramic tile cutting machine adopts electric lifting, electric left and right movement, the head can be adjusted in the range of 0-90 degrees, can cut stone edges, chamfering, high efficiency, easy operation, is widely used in stone cutting industry.

Application of multifunctional ceramic tile cutting machine:

In the ceramic tile cutting process, should properly control the cutting speed, cutting time to slow, the middle can be faster, the knife must be slowly closed to prevent corners. It

Saw blade selection: different brick products with different types of saw blade cutting, such as: polished tiles to use sharp, microcrystalline, glazed tiles to use fine sand saw blade to prevent serrated glaze collapse. The antique brick can be cut down by cutting the longer saw blades.

1. Place a cushion on the platform of ceramic tile cutter to prevent the wear and tear of ceramic tile on the platform during cutting. The cushion can be replaced according to the wear and tear situation.

2. If the unevenness of the brick to be cut leads to a gap between the cushion and the cushion, a suitable thickness of paper can be added between the two to avoid the occurrence of corners.



Power: 220V/50Hz/900W motor

Blade diameter:125mm blade

cutting depth: 30mm


table size: 485*470mm

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