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Safety rules for drywall sander
- Jan 17, 2018 -

1. Put the grinding wheel before the notice whether the existing damp phenomenon and the lack of angle and so on, and installation must be reliable without loosening, strictly prohibit the use of special tools and other external tools to tap the grinding wheel clamping nut.

2. The use of power outlets must be equipped with a leakage switch device, and check the power cord has no breakage phenomenon.

3. The grinding machine must be turned on before use, see whether the grinding piece is smooth and normal, check the wear degree of the carbon brush by the professional and timely replacement, confirm the correct use of the normal rear.

4. Grinding machine in the operation of the cutting direction is strictly prohibited to the surrounding staff and all flammable and explosive dangerous goods, so as not to cause unnecessary damage. Keep the work area clean and tidy. Use correctly to ensure the safety of personal and property.

5. Use the grinding machine to remember not to force too hard, to slowly uniform force, so as to avoid grinding pieces of the phenomenon of crushing the V belt, such as the emergence of grinding chip blocking phenomenon, should be immediately brought to the grinder, lest burn the grinder or due to grinding pieces of broken, resulting in unsafe dangers.

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