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Maintenance method of Spraying machine
- Jan 17, 2018 -

1. Spraying line Spray room maintenance. Spray cabinet for the wind system if there is blockage or dust too much need to replace the air filter cotton, three days or so to open the back of the spray cabinet clean oil filtration system. At the same time also need to clean the conveyor chain oil and add butter.

2. Oil supply system maintenance. Spraying machine used to stop when you open the paint reflux valve so that all the paint flow back to the ink cans, take out the ink can be poured into the mixing tank and clean solvent into the stirring barrel and start the pump, another open reflux valve and spray gun open to the maximum to allow cleaning solvents in the tubing cycle and clean spray gun Pump and spray gun because of high precision, cleaning should not be free to disassemble, lest damage.

3. After a week or 50h of operation, should check the mortar joint machine pump body, cylinder, leather bowl seal intact, the transmission belt tightness degree, the pipe joint firm degree, the seal, the cleaning pump machine appearance, brushes the thin oil, prevents the dirty material to bond.

4. Clutch, backflow unloading valve, reducer, air compressor and other major components, should be regularly inspected according to their use requirements. If wear, damage, should be adjusted in time to replace.

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