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Main features of spraying machine
- Jan 17, 2018 -

High construction efficiency-airless spraying mechanized construction, the efficiency of the traditional manual roller brush 10 times times the efficiency.

Wall coating evenly smooth, good texture-paint in high pressure atomization for fine particles, evenly distributed on the wall surface, the wall form a smooth, smooth, dense coating, get brush coating and other traditional methods have no high quality wall coating quality;

coating adhesion, prolong coating life-coating particles in the high-pressure action to the wall infiltration, enhance the coating particles and wall mechanical bite Force, coating more compact, coating life longer.

High utilization of paint-relative to brush and roll coating, no gas spraying in the on-site construction without dip, will not be the first drip phenomenon, to avoid paint waste, but with the traditional air spraying is more different, airless spraying is atomized paint and not atomized air, so it will not lead to paint scattered around the environment, causing waste.

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