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- Jun 30, 2018 -
DISTANCE METER X40 bag--.jpgSafety Rules

-  Please read the entire manual book before you start using the device.

t  Make every effort not to look directly into the laser beam, irrespective of how low the laser power is. Adopting such a habit will enable you to avoid potentially negative consequences in the future.

-  The laser beam should point only on a horizontal plane, at a level much lower than the user’s height. So as to avoid accidental eye exposure. Moreover, The user should not bend forward when trying to see the beam. And the beam should be tracked on a matte surface with an appropriately low reflection coefficient.

-  The laser beam should not be obstructed by any random reflective objects. Note: reflections from the surfaces of watches, rings and other pieces of jewellery may be equally dangerous.

-   Don’t try any ways to change the performance of the laser, which would cause the danger arisen by laser exposure. Turn on the laser only when you need to use the product. Besides, don’t look straight at the laser light. The Laser Distance Meter needs safe keeping in case used by irrelevant personnel.

-  Looking through binoculars or another optical instrument at a laser beam reflected from surfaces that act like a mirror(prisms, liquids, metallic surfaces)May harm your eyes.

-  Laser devices should not be left unattended when they are on. If you must walk away from a laser device, a convenient solution may be obscuring the beam.

-  It is difficult to foresee everything that could happen. You need to remember that many people have lost their sight because of their negligence, and sometimes just by pure chance. The most important thing is to be aware of the possible consequences and to use common sense.

-  Playing with laser beams by placing a dot of light on people or on dangerous(for example, flammable or reactive) materials is prohibited.

-  To avoid the risk of fire or electrocution, follow basic safety rules when using electric appliances and devices, particularly in the presence of children.

-  Do not use the product for purposes other than its intended use.

-  Do not use the electrical appliances when taking a bath or a shower.

-  Don’t irradiate anyone in darkness deliberately.

-  Do not use the device near sources of heat(radiators fire)

-  Don’t irradiate onto the object with high reflective surface.

-  Don’t put it in the place where a child can reach it.

-  Don’t repair the devices without authorization. If it is damaged, please contact with local dealers.

-  Don’t use the devices in flammable and explosive environment.

-  Don’t use the devices near medical instruments, Don’t use the devices a plane

-  Always unplug the device (remove the batteries) when you are going to leave it unattended or before cleaning.

-  Do not clean the device with the use of corrosive cleaning agents.

-  The device is not a toy, do not allow children to play with the device.

-  Protect the device against penetration of water or other liquids.

-  Warning! Do not look at the LEDs when the flashlight is on. The light emitted by the LEDs may damage or irritate your eyes. Do not look directly at a source of light with the use of any optical devices that focus the light beam.

-  Retain the instruction manual and the packaging, if possible


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