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Laser distance meter of MK-40
- Dec 12, 2018 -

When you need a laser meter that cuts out the complexities, this is the way to go. MK-49 it comes in a very unique design that can fit into your palms. This product can give a robust result despite its simple framework. 

It is packed in a punch with simplicity. 

The normal functionalities that you find in other laser measuring meters are also in this product. The only difference is that with a tap of the button,  MK-40 is good to go. It is time to set new rules on how you want your work experience to be. Use the MK-40 to your advantage.

The functions that you use most frequently of MK-40 are arranged within the function key. Most of the instructions or guides that form the usage of this product also come with easy to use systems, you can measure the area, volume and with few buttons.

MK-40 measurements and is ready to use all the countries around the world, they are metric, feet, inches, ft-in to fraction, inches to the fraction. You can easily find your needs in the units setup.

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