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Introduction of the sprayer gun
- Jan 24, 2019 -

Introduction of the sprayer gun G210


The spray gun is a common spraying equipment, which can be used in the fields of dirt cleaning, drug spraying, paint spraying, etc. The commonly used spray guns are divided into three types: gravity type, siphon type and pressure feed type. The basic function of the spray gun is to exercise compressed air. The liquid substance to be sprayed is broken into droplets and sprayed through a nozzle. As an important part of the spray gun, the nozzle functions to reduce the cross-section of the inner hole of the nozzle, and the liquid sent from the high-pressure pipe is converted from high-pressure low-speed to low-pressure high-speed outward, forming a striking force, thereby achieving dirt cleaning or atomizing spraying. the goal of.

In the prior art, there is a lack of a guard at the nozzle, and the liquid sprayed from the spray gun is often sputtered onto the gun holder. In addition, when used for atomized spray, the common spray gun has a small spray area, is difficult to adjust, and the spray hole is easy to block. The shortcomings that are not easy to replace greatly limit the scope of application of the spray gun.

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