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How to use Electric window cleaner ZY-79
- Sep 08, 2018 -

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Technical specifications

Volume of dirt water reservoir             50ml

Operating time with full charge            30min

Nominal battery voltage                     3.7V

Rated power of appliance                     10W

Charging time                                2~3h

Output voltage                                 5V

Output current, charger                    800mA

Sound pressure level (EN60704-2-1)         50dB

Weight                                        440g

Battery type                               Li-Ion

Battery capacity                            2.0Ah

Type of protection                         IP X4

Subject to technical modifications!



Spray bottle does not spray

ð   Refill detergent.

ð   Pump mechanism in spray bottle defective, contact dealer.

Machine does not start

Check the charge/operations display:

ð   No signal or slowly blinking signal: Charge the battery.

ð   With a rapidly blinking signal: Inform your dealer.

Streaks while cleaning

ð   Clean the pull-off lip.

ð   Reverse the used pull-off lip:

ð   Pull the silicone squeegee to the side. Wet the squeegee in the area of the curve with water or detergent. Slide the silicone squeegee back in the holder in reverse order.

ð   Replace the pull-off lip if necessary:

ð   Adjust the dosing of cleaning solution.

Water is leaking from the air louvers

ð   Empty the dirt water reservoir (max. 50ml content).


Disposing of old device and battery pack

This appliance includes a built-in battery pack; please remove this battery pack before disposing of the old appliance.

Remove battery pack and dispose of

Risk of a short circuit

ð   Do not touch contacts or wires.

Risk of explosion

ð   Do not expose the appliances to direct sunlight, heat or fire. Risk of injury due to short circuit, chemical burn or escaping irritant vapors

ð   The appliance may only be opened in order to dispose of the battery pack.

ð   Remove the battery pack and dispose of properly (at a collection site or the dealer).


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