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How to process the putty wall
- Jan 30, 2019 -

How to process the putty wall

The putty process is as follows:

1.    Remove the original putty by electric wall planner MK-1200A

插图2 700

2.    Brush the wall

3.    Paste the plaster line,

4.    Gypsum finds the wall ceiling by cross laser leveing SA-02C

SA-02C with tripod

5.    Put the putty 2 times by airless paint sprayer MK-495A


6.    Polishing the wall by drywall sander or wet sanding machine 

2.9 新产品上架

7.    Spray or roll the latex paint 2 times

8.    Clean up the garbage by vacuum cleaner VC600


Labor costs according to different international regions.

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