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How to choose the right laser distance meter
- Aug 22, 2018 -

How to choose the right laser distance meter for user.

600 338 X20.jpg

a) The measuring distance is not long, mostly used indoors, and the precision is high!

Advice --Handheld Laser distance meter

Because--Handheld laser distance meter is best for indoor use, measurement accuracy and effect are very good! 

Notice--If needs to detect outdoor environment, it is recommended to use a professional laser sight and reflector to achieve the desired range and effect

Suggest model: 

X-20(range:0~20m)    X-30(range:0~30m)     X-40(range:0~40m)   X-50(range:0~50)  

D-40(range:0~40m)    D-60(range:0~60m)     D-80(range:0~80m)   D-100(range:0~100m)

laser range finder makingtec.jpg

b) The measurement distance is far, and it is mostly used for outdoor use.

Advice--telescope laser range finder (ie: laser ranging telescope)

Because – it’s not only telescopes but range finder! With multiple observation magnifications, the user can easily aim at the target for distance measurement simply by the cross aiming system inside the eyepiece! With the transparent infrared laser emission and reception that is harmless to the eyes, the target distance can be accurately measured, and its size is small, light and easy to carry! 

Advantage: Have speed measuring, level measuring, and continuous measuring function.

Suggest model: G-600A G-600S (range:0~600m)

1500M laser range finder makingtec.jpg

c) The measuring distance is very long, outdoor use, and the measurement accuracy is high!

Advice--Outdoor detection is possible, catch 1500meters.

Advantage: Can measure height, height difference, level distance, angle measure, speed measure, Multiple measurement modes: nearest, farthest and continuous measurement functions.

Suggest model: G-1000A/1200A/1500A (0~1000-1500m)

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