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How to choose hand Rebars tying machine or Li-ion battery tying machine
- Feb 10, 2019 -

How to choose hand Rebars tying machine or Li-ion battery tying machine


Rebars are usually arranged horizontally and vertically, and the intersections of horizontal and vertical alignments need to be tied and fastened to fix them. Obviously, steel tying machine is a heavy work. At present, many manual operations are used in China, but there are many disadvantages such as labor cost. High, low efficiency, and different quality of bundling. In addition, manual strapping workers rely on wrist rotation to complete the twisting of the wire, and the occupational disease risk factor is high. In order to make the steel bar binding process labor-saving and efficient, there is an electric steel bar binding machine that winds the wire around the steel bars to be tied and bundles. The utility model comprises a machine head, an outer casing and an electric motor and a battery arranged in the outer casing, wherein the electric motor is connected with the battery, and an output spur gear is arranged on the output shaft of the electric motor, and the gear is connected with the driven spur gear connected by the one-way bearing on the skein shaft. The skein shaft is provided with a driving bevel gear coupled with the driven gear, which cooperates with the driven bevel gear, and the output shaft of the driven bevel gear is provided with a wire feeding wheel set through a one-way bearing, and also includes a guide wire The mechanism, the cutting mechanism and the skinning mechanism; the electric reinforcing bar binding machine realizes that the wire is wound and fixed after being wound on the steel bar for two or more times. The electric strapping machine uses battery power to consume electric energy to drive the motor to operate. In use, the battery needs to be replaced, which affects work efficiency, and is easily affected by the power distribution condition of the construction environment. If a large-capacity battery is used, the weight of the electric steel bar binding machine is increased.

Tying machine can complete the winding, cutting and tightening action of the steel bar binding by manpower, without consuming electric energy, and the operation is simple, and the wire binding is firmly secured.


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