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High-precision laser range finder and its ranging method and process
- Feb 05, 2019 -

High-precision laser range finder and its ranging method and process

The prior laser range finder generally has three independent optical systems: laser emission, laser reception, and visible light aiming. The laser emitting system emits a laser beam to the target to be measured, and the scattered laser echo is received by the laser receiving system. Therefore, the measurement parameter and the speed of light can be used to determine the distance between the measured object and the observation point by using a time difference such as the time difference between transmission and reception. The time difference described here is to compare the same portion of the waveform of the same laser pulse transmitted and received. For example, the same rising edge, or the same falling edge, or the same transmission time at the top of the peak; however, although the waveform of the laser at the time of emission is generally regular, the laser is always interfered by the external environment during transmission. As a result, the received waveform is distorted to the transmitted waveform, so that the so-called same portion produces an actual offset, causing an error in the actual time difference, and the measured distance is also in error with the actual distance.

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