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Electric wall chaser work manual MK-1000A MK-2000A
- Jul 12, 2018 -

Electric wall chaser work manual MK-1000A MK-2000A

Traditionally, grooving in brick needs a hammer or chisel.

But they can only cut 30 meters which equals to 100 feet in a day (determined by the rigidity of the wall). So, if you choose the wall notching machine, you can save the expense from wall notching. The wall notching machine is the only one which can be used to cut any sunken line on the brick wall. Its special advantages are as follows.

1, it will not damage the wall material and leave perfect slot after cutting which avoid the damage traces caused by a hammer or chisel. In addition, it is unnecessary for users to remove the traces left in the slot by a diamond disc cutting machine. Every cutting will leave a deep and wide groove.

2.the notching machine can cut straight or curved groove with no traces left in sideline corner and it also supports cutting from any directions or even round cutting.

3.It can be horizontally hung on the wall without sustaining by the hands which enables it to stick to the wall when the power is cut off or the operators’ hands get away.

4,What follows is the longevity of the blade using in different materials:

Standard hollow sand brick about 6000meters

Cement sand brick about 3500meters

Cement-covered brick wall about 3000meters

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