Drywall Sander

Variable speed. 800W input power. Soft grinding handle.
  • Strong Dust Drywall Sander

    Strong Dust Drywall Sander

    A drywall sander is one of electric power tools, it should connect to a sockt. Used in smooothing plaster compound during decaration, building or thers. Press button and speed control, the machine will wrk automatically, you only need to move machines. our sanders is used...Read More

  • Drywall Sander Backing Pad

    Drywall Sander Backing Pad

    drywall sander is a power tool to smooth surfaces by abrasion with sandpaper. Once you set the sandpaper and turn it on, it will polish walls automaticlly. Drywall sander with vacuum function, that can absorb dust into a dust bag, keep the room clean.Its effecieny is higher...Read More

  • Hand Drywall Sander With Vacuum

    Hand Drywall Sander With Vacuum

    A sander is a power tool used to smooth surfaces by abrasion with sandpaper.It's powered electrically, hand sander is a short model of sander, has light weight function.Read More

  • Hand Held Electric Sander

    Hand Held Electric Sander

    A sander is a power tool used to smooth surfaces by abrasion with sandpaper.Use in most construction and deceration.Read More

  • Mini Electric Sander

    Mini Electric Sander

    mini electric sander Advantage: Light weight and easy to use on small and tight surfaces Backing pad with hook and loop face With LED light, more bright working environment Variable speed, you can choose 1-6 speed Self suction, no vacuum cleaner needed, it is reduce the cost...Read More

  • Giraffe Sander Machine Price

    Giraffe Sander Machine Price

    Drywall sander machine, as construction power tool, it is used to sand wall and ceiling.Read More

  • Electric Drywall Sander With Led Light

    Electric Drywall Sander With Led Light

    electric drywall sander with led light Model No: L-225F It can extend from 120cm-180cm with extended tube. Two speed gears Durable, reliable motor for long life with LED light, have brighter working environment.Read More

  • Dust Free Drywall Sander With Vacuum

    Dust Free Drywall Sander With Vacuum

    dust free drywall sander with vacuum Model No: ZL-225B 110-240V 50/60Hz for your choice. 800W strong input power, wiith 800-1800rpm No load speed. unit machine weight is 4.2kgs, easy to handle. self suction function with LED light.Read More

  • Hand Ceiling Drywall Sander

    Hand Ceiling Drywall Sander

    hand ceiling drywall sander Model No: ZS-180E 800w hand held drywall sander, with 1200-2300rpm No load speed. 180mm sand paper diameter, only 2.1kgs, light weight, easy to work for long time. 110-127V 220-240V /50/60Hz for your choice. 4pcs into a carton, carton dimension:...Read More

  • Electric Drywall Sander Machine

    Electric Drywall Sander Machine

    Model No: MK-2300L 1. Durable motor, high quality machine 2. Strong dust collection effect 3. Comfortable use with soft grip handle 4. Controllable speed button for adjusting speed.Read More

  • 710W Giraffe Drywall Sander

    710W Giraffe Drywall Sander

    710W giraffe drywall sander Model No: MK-230F1 710W rated input power 0-1200 rpm No load speed drywall sander with LED light Detachabel design extendable to 1700mmRead More

  • Drywall Sander With Vacuum

    Drywall Sander With Vacuum

    Model No: ZL-225A 1. Effective internal dust extraction system, no vacuum cleaner needed. 2.Reliable drive components 3. Adjustable suction power 4. Peg stop springto fix the sanding head for easy ceiling sanding.Read More

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