Airless Spray Gun

Airless Spray Gun

Professional airless paint sprayer M819A with spray gun nozzle tip 517/519 extend pole electric paint spray equipment 395/490

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Product Details

airless spray gun

airless sprayer gun


Motor power
1.2 HP
Power Requirement
Max Pressure
Spray Tip
High Pressure Hose Max Pressure
≥ 200bar
Length of high pressure hose
Type of hydraulic oil
Anti-wear hydraulic oil ISO VG46.
G.W./N.W. 29/26kgs
Carton size

A airless paint sprayer description:

1) Safety precautions

2) Preparation
3) Preparation before spraying
4) Spraying instructions
5) Turning off machine
6) Cleaning, maintenance and storage
7) Trouble shootings
8) Other trouble shootings
9) Paint sprayer assembly, valve assembly, spray gun assembly



3.The parts of machine including:


  1.High pressure hose 15M


 2.paint sprayer gun (include sprayer tip, tip guard)


 3. 50cm extend hose


 4.Repair tools (1 bag)


 5.pressure gauge 1 set


Suitable coating:colorant,varnish,the high viscosity of latex painr,oleoresinous coatings,chlorinated ruber,epoxy etc.


Scope of application:Large and medium-scale architectural interior and exterior , Anti-corrosion of metal surfaces , Encaustic tile painting , refurbishment etc.


1.High efficiency.500-1200 square meters of spraying efficiency per hour,It's ten times the traditional artificial.
2.Excellent quality.smooth surface.
3.prolong the working life of the coating.
4.Easy to conquer the corner and gap.

5.Save the coating

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