Auto Spray Paint Machine

Auto Spray Paint Machine

-Motor power:1.75HP -Power Requirement:220-240V/50Hz -Delivery:2.3L/min -Max Pressure:230bar -Spray Tip:0.021'' -Max spray Tip:0.021'' -High Pressure Hose Max Pressure: ≥ 350bar -Length of high pressure hose:15M -Type of hydraulic oil:Anti-wear hydraulic oil ISO VG46. -G.W./N.W.:23/30kgs -Carton size:47.5x42x54.5cm

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Electric Diaphragm airless paint sprayer

electric diaphragm airless paint sprayer

1. Simple operation , easy to carry, no loud noise.
2. Excellent surface quality. One-time film forming, smooth spraying   coating, uniform, smooth, dense, no brush marks and particles.
3. High construction effect
4. High pressure, high penetrability, increase the mechanical bite coating   with wall body, better solve the coating of bubbles, cracks and other  issues!
5. Coating efficiency more than 80% (air spraying 30%) save raw material!
6. Poor for dilution of the sticky coating can also be very good.
7. Coating rebound small, greatly improve the working conditions, more & nbsp; conducive to the health of construction personnel.

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